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ÇevreTeK, treatment technologies and to perform environmental management systems implementation in Turkey, it was established to develop and deploy. EnvironmentalTeK, which operates on turnkey solutions in wastewater treatment systems, carries out projects before and after use.

The services starting from the concept stage of treatment systems cover the entire life of the system as design, project, construction, equipment manufacturing, transfer of operational skills, periodic maintenance and consultancy.

EnvironmentTeK has certified ISO 9001: 2000 and Quality Management System applications by American Quality System Registrars (AQSR) and ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

CevreTeK strives to carry both the advanced environmental engineering know-how and the value creation management perspective of the projects it develops in the field of environmental systems. Thus, the integration of environmental projects into the value-creating systems of the organization that serves the purposes of the organization is ensured.

Services and products within the interdisciplinary climate of the EnvironmentTeK approach; engineering, business, finance, public relations and management disciplines.

CevreTeK continuously supports the technologies applied by national and international research and development collaborations to protect and improve the self-renewal capacity of vital resources in our country.

Our company, which has the EnvironmentTeK® and BioTeK® trademarks registered by the AssuranceTurkish Patent Institute, also holds the Quality Compliance Certificate and Production Sufficiency Certificates issued by the Turkish Quality Standards Institute.