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The system is composed of the whole of modular package treatment systems for 100 people.

Easily Expandabilty

Easily expandable form increase of capacity can be easily achieved with the new modular thanks to be added to the system.

Portial Operability

It is ideal for holiday regions that show seasonal population change the system can be operated partially as it can be operated as a whole.

Operability in dispersed geography

It provides excellent solutions by being applied a certain point in the sewerage systems in which the collection of waste waters at a certain point is difficult.


It can be easily financed with long term payment options and leasing alternatives.


It requires minimum personnel as it works as fully automatic.

Conformlty beyond legal limits

The quality of outlet water is a compliance with the discharge limits of the  water pollution control regulation of environmental law.


It offers great solutions with small budgets. It investment and operating costs are 50% more economic in comporison to conventional classis systems.


It works as odorless and noiseless. It protects  the nature by preventing the waste water dumped in random places in the regions in which wastes one collected by sewage trucks.

Quality Conformity

It has TSE Quality certification.

Service and Guarantee

It has equipment and service guarantee 2 years.